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Please contact me if you're interested in having me visit your school or library!


This creative bunch spent the day at Lighthouse Writers Workshop with me, where we wrote for performances (slam poetry, oral storytelling,  broadcasting, and plays).

Here's how I teach writing: Let's play!

So many students believe "good" writing is only about spelling and grammar. (Raise your hand if that sounds fun.) Of course, those are important skills for clarity and communication, but they can come later.


When students' skills lag in these areas, they often think they're "bad" writers and don't want to do it. (Who can blame them?) In my classes, reluctant writers often are surprised and delighted to discover that they can write well—and have fun doing it.


On the other hand, young people who love writing often face a different challenge. For them, perfectionism can strangle creativity.

For these and all students, I create a safe space that celebrates diversity, curiosity, experimentation, humor, and play. This approach is magic.

Although I'd taught college writing classes in Iowa, it wasn't until I moved to Denver that I discovered a passion for teaching creative writing to younger students. A volunteer gig at Lighthouse Writers Workshop led to me joining the youth faculty.


I teach in-house and in the outreach program and have taught in schools, libraries, public housing community centers, and at a children's hospital.  When Covid hit, I discovered the online learning community Outschool. I'm taking a break from teaching there to concentrate more on my writing, but I really enjoyed connecting with students from around the world. 

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